Guild Member ~ Sandy Robitz

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Each ceramic artist has their own style and when you see Sandy’s work, she is no exception to the rule.

Not only are Sandy’s pieces well-formed, they are often glazed with just as much character. She doesn’t merely apply a glaze; she is constantly learning and developing her own style, yet does not constrain her work within ONE style.  She mixes new glazes, plays with tones and varies the application. She may splatter underglaze on one for brilliant, painterly effects, layer for interactions that only the kiln can cook up into reality for another or spray multiple glazes on another for subtle gradations.

Sandy5 Sandy1Sandy7 Sandy6

Sandy’s ceramics also take on a playfulness with surface techniques that often speak loudly by the simplicity, alone.  Yet, even in simplicity, she is always moving forward in her exploration of clay.

Sandy9 Sandy8 Sandy3 Sandy2

Guild Member ~ Paulette Smith

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If you’ve been to any of our pottery events, you may remember Paulette’s ceramics as being a bit different from traditional wheel-thrown pieces. Paulette hand builds many of her works of art and incorporates an element of nature into them.  Each piece requires quite a bit of attention to detail in the forming, staining, glazing and firing.

These nuthatches are formed from a mold, from which she carved. Fine brush work, with stains and glazes, brings out the details to her liking, making each and every piece completely unique.

20130502_151507 WP_20131108_006

Some pieces are fired in an alternative technique called Raku. This process is always a risk, as it usually involves creating a small fire, reducing the oxygen and then cooling the pieces very quickly which puts each piece at risk for cracking. This process creates a wide variety of results, from white crackles, to soot black to a metallic sheen.
These decorative pieces below were fired using the Raku method after incorporating elements of drawings of lions, cats and birds onto the surface.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA 169090_103353496405700_5728575_n newcatvase copy20130503_164356

More of Paulette’s work from the May Show & Sale.

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May Show 2013

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May Show 2013 2013_CCAG_Postcard_Back

Our May Show & Sale is always a great experience because the event is all about the Guild’s ceramics that fill the museum’s courtyard.  Individual Guild members have functional and decorative work for sale, but we also participate in Empty Bowls for Hunger and provide very tasty finger foods, coffee, tea and wine. Remember us next year and visit us either Friday night or Saturday.

Empty Bowls for Hunger
The Empty Bowls for Hunger is a international grassroots movement that encourages potters to unite with local organizations that help fight hunger.  We have teamed up with the Stark County Hunger Task Force (SCHTF) to help raise money for their mission. In exchange for a donation, you get to take home a handmade ceramic bowl.  100% of the proceeds earned from the Empty Bowls sales goes directly to SCHTF. We were able to donate over $1,000 from this year’s project.

Empty Bowls
May Sale
In addition to the Empty Bowls sale, we sell our own ceramic work. Each artist is provided with space within the courtyard, creating a show that offers a diverse selection of styles and functions. We then donate 30% of all our sales to the Canton Museum Art (CMA), so when you buy from us you are supporting individual artists, the Guild and the CMA all at the same time.  We greatly appreciate all those that come to purchase for their own use or for a gift.   And, have we mentioned the food and beverages that are mostly homemade?  It truly is a experience to wander the tables and listen to music all while sipping some wine. It not only makes a great Friday evening out, but an unexpected Saturday filled with art.

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Guild Member ~ Diann Adams

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Diann Adams became an active member, again, this year after a brief break. She uses a combination of glazes and textures to transform well-crafted forms into beautiful pieces of art.  More work can be found at Diann’s Etsy Shop.

Saggar Firing

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In the early fall, a few members of CCAG conducted a saggar firing at a guild member’s home. While it took a good part of the day, most of it waiting, the results were lovely.  Saggar firing involves enclosing pottery within another container with combustable materials that will create varying affects on the surface of unglazed ceramics. Details are explained pretty well here.

Saggar Firing

Things we suggested to bring:
1-3 small pots
banana peels dried, saw dust, pine needles, copper wire
rubber gloves
Nosh vapor mask if you plan to use any chemicals (ferric chloride)
heat resistant gloves (if you have them)
Toilet paper if you plan to just make black pottery
Large popcorn tins

2013 Christkindl Markt at the Canton Museum of Art

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2013 Christkindl
CCAG display at the 2013 Christkindl Markt at CMA.

The Christkindl Markt is always a great-energy event.  Our guild members offer a wide selection of functional and decorative ceramic work. The guild not only contributes to selling their art to create a diverse selection, but we are, also, on hand to answer questions, suggest pieces and keep the shelves full of new work. For the last few years, we have been located in the court yard. This helps customers properly see the design and glaze of fired pottery.  Please remember, a percentage of our profits go directly toward the Canton Museum of Art, so when you buy from us, you are also supporting the museum and the Guild.